Westinghouse Introduces Mini-Split Heat Pump Line | Westinghouse
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        Westinghouse News

        Westinghouse Introduces Mini-Split Heat Pump Line

        SEP 01, 2020

        Pine Brook, New Jersey?—?Westinghouse recently launched a new line of Mini-Split HVAC Systems in Canada and the US.?The new Westinghouse Mini-Split Heat Pump products are feature-rich and competitively-priced.

        The wall mount heat pump line includes 115V?single-zone models of 9,000 and 12,000?BTUh, and 208/230V single-zone models with capacities between 9,000 and?36,000?BTUh. Multi-zone systems are available between 18,000 and 36,000?BTUh.?

        The mini-split heat pump line?includes?a variety of features typical of high-end models,?such as?a base pan heater for low temperature climates, backlit wireless remote control, front LED display and five indoor fan speeds.?Standard on all models is?the capacity to heat down to -4°F (-20°C)?outdoor temp, a?2-way?drain?connection (L-R)?for flexible installation and all units?have?°F & °C?convertible?displays.?

        Contractors and distributors can expect unparalleled service not offered by other brands, including technical, sales and marketing support.?Systems are available both through contractors and online?distribution channels. Westinghouse will be offering both Multi-zone Ductless and Single-zone HVAC Systems.


        To learn more about the new products,?visit?www.WestinghouseAC-USA.com?



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